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You’ve made the decision to undergo a breast augmentation procedure, and you couldn’t be more excited about your decision. However, this isn’t the only decision you need to make once you’ve decided to increase your bust size; you’ll also be required to pick the type of implant that your plastic surgeon will incorporate into the procedure.

While your plastic surgeon can provide you with invaluable advice regarding the type of implant that’s right for your needs, it’s important to research as much information as possible before the consultation stage. This can ensure that you can prepare accurate questions regarding how these implants may impact the results from your breast augmentation procedure.

With this in mind, let’s examine some of the differences between textured breast implants and smooth breast implants.

Textured Silicone Implants

Textured implants were created to reduce the risk of capsular contracture – a complication involving scar tissue growing around the implant. The capsule is the pocket within the breast that surrounds the implant; if the capsule shrinks it will squeeze the implant and cause the breast to look and feel firm.

Although these implants have a lower risk of capsular contracture they also have a higher rupture rate. Since textured implants have a thicker shell they tend to be firmer to the touch and do not move as naturally as smooth implants.

Textured implants are used primarily when the implant is placed above the muscle, where the risk of capsular contracture is greater.

Smooth Silicone Implants

While smooth implants may have a higher risk for capsular contracture, the pay-off is that these implants feel much more natural and softer. What’s more, smooth implants are less likely to rupture than textured implants, which greatly reduces the risk of health complications and implant replacement. Smooth implants are less likely to ripple and have been shown to last longer, which may be a significant pro for patients who don’t want to worry about rupture and replacements.

Commonly, breast implants are placed under the pectoral muscle. When placed under the pectoral muscle, smooth implants have a similar rate of capsular contracture compared to textured implants.

If you’re interested in learning more about your implant options for breast augmentation, schedule a consultation with Dr. Heather Rocheford at Rocheford Plastic Surgery in Woodbury, MN (also serving the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul areas). 651-739-1100

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