Lower Body Lift in Minneapolis-St. Paul

People who have been very successful with their weight loss program often have an excess amount of skin and stubborn fat deposits all around the circumference of their midbody area. If this is what you see in your mirror, don’t feel dismayed. Dr. Rocheford personalizes lower body lift procedures for Minneapolis-St. Paul patients who are looking for the most dramatic improvement post-weight loss. If you decide this is the right choice, you’ll be banishing excess tissue from the front and back of your torso and ridding yourself of any remaining love handles around your sides. Not only that, your buttocks and outer thighs will benefit from the lifting effect as well.

Cost of Lower Body Lift

Lower Body Lift: $13,600

This includes your surgical fee and all follow-up visits with Dr. Rocheford. This estimate also includes the facility fee and anesthesia costs. This is an estimate and may be different depending on your specific situation. It does not include the cost of your pre-operative physical, lab tests, or medications. Dr. Rocheford does charge $100 for consultations, and that fee is deducted from the price of your surgery or in-office procedure.

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Details Of Lower Body Lift Surgery

  • Surgery: Surgery is done under general anesthetic at a hospital. The surgery takes 6-8 hours.
  • Discomfort: Moderate to severe. Anticipate 3 – 14 days of pain medication.
  • Bruising: Improves in 1 – 2 weeks.
  • Swelling: Improves in 2 – 4 weeks. Don’t be alarmed by swelling in your ankles or feet. Keep your legs elevated to minimize swelling.
  • Bandages: Removed 2 – 4 days following surgery.
  • Stitches: Internal stitches dissolve.
  • Drains: Removed in 2 – 3 weeks from the abdomen, 1 – 3 days from the thighs and buttocks.
  • Work: You may return to work when you are done taking prescription pain pills. This is usually in 2 – 4 weeks.
  • Sun Exposure: Protect from the sun with sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher for one year.
  • Exercise: May be resumed in 2 weeks gently (walking). Weights and more vigorous exercise, 4 – 6 weeks.
  • Final Result: Following scar maturation, about 1 year.

A lower body lift is typically performed for a person that has a great deal of loose skin, especially after weight loss. The skin and tissue removed are indicated by the dashed lines. Once removed, the remaining skin is brought together with the incisions hidden below your pant line.

Body Lift FAQs

Does a lower body lift include thighs?

A lower body lift removes excess tissue from the front and back of the lower torso. This also improves the appearance of the buttocks and outer thighs.

What is the recovery time for a body lift?

For a lower body lift you should be able to resume your daily activities around 2 to 4 weeks after your procedure.

What does a lower body lift consist of?

A lower body lift is designed to remove excess skin and tissue from the lower torso. The results will also improve the look of your thighs and buttocks.

Does insurance cover lower body lift?

Most insurance providers will not cover a lower body lift procedure. However, sometimes it can be covered for those who have lost a lot of weight and the loose skin is causing discomfort and irritation.

How much does a body lift cost?

A lower body lift costs about $13,600.

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