Dr. Rocheford works at the Rocheford Plastic Surgery in Minneapolis and is an outstanding plastic surgeon. She has impeccable skills, is realistic, personable, and knowledgeable. She has an all-female staff and her staff and facility are known to be outstanding. The Rocheford Plastic surgery center offers complete aesthetic care for men and women. If you are unhappy with certain areas on your body that have stubborn fat deposits, Dr. Rocheford, and her team will meticulously guide you through the various body contouring procedures offered. From a facelift to breast procedures and non-invasive treatments, her experience and individual approach will help you realize your dream body soon.

Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures

Dr. Rocheford performs different procedures to improve your facial appearance. They help to get rid of the aging signs such as wrinkles or crow’s lines. With augmentation, you will get a refreshed and new look without it being too obvious that you got a cosmetic procedure done. Rhinoplasty can help you alter the shape and size of your nose. a facial plastic surgery procedure will enhance your appearance and Dr. Rocheford ensures that your results are natural appearing and long-lasting. The common facial procedures you can choose at Rocheford Plastic surgery are:

Breast Surgery Procedures

There are many reasons why you will need breast procedures done on you.  You may need to reduce, enhance or just lift your breasts so that your bust can be proportionate with your body or that you can be more confident of your looks. Dr. Rocheford can help you to choose one of the following procedures according to your goals and the best-suited technique for you:

Body Surgery Procedures

If you have lost weight, gone through childbirth, or for any other reason you do not like how you look because of loose skin, extra fat or sagging skin, Dr. Rocheford can offer one of the following procedures to help you achieve a toned and fantastic looking body.

Non-invasive Treatments in Minneapolis, MN

In case you want to improve how you look, but you are not yet ready to get the surgery done on you then you can try out a non-invasive procedure that can get rid of the aging lines and wrinkles but without having to spend a long time recovering. Dr. Rocheford offers Botox and various dermal fillers which can target different issues on your face. Her expertise with these fillers ensures that you achieve results that look natural and last longer. You can also opt for laser treatments which can help you deal with various skin issues. In addition to the rejuvenation of your skin, these laser treatments also promote the growth of collagen.

Laser Treatment Procedures

Skincare Products

When you undergo surgery, it is possible to be left with scars; you can reduce their appearance with the best skincare products available at the Rocheford center. Their products also help you with the treatment and prevention of premature aging signs, getting fuller and thicker eyelashes.

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