Vasculaze in Minneapolis St. Paul

Many people have unwanted spider veins or vascular birthmarks that disrupt a smooth skin tone. While common, these issues can be a source of frustration or self-consciousness. Thankfully, modern technology allows patients to remove these unwanted vascular lesions with little to no downtime. Dr. Rocheford offers Vasculaze for Minneapolis area patients as a non-invasive treatment option for unwanted spider veins and other vascular blemishes.

What is Vasculaze?

Vasculaze is a diode laser treatment that is intended to treat unwanted visible veins or vascular blemishes. Vasculaze is an effective treatment option for common vascular issues including spider veins, wine stains, or angiomas. The technology combines effective laser technology with an ergonomic handpiece designed to improve your provider’s ability to see the vein as they are treating it for more precise results and enhanced safety.

How Does Vasculaze Work?

The laser used during a Vasculaze treatment session targets the hemoglobin within the targeted vein, damaging the vein’s pigment. Following this damage, the vein will no longer be able to carry blood, so the body will naturally and safely reroute blood through a nearby healthy vein. The unusable damaged vein will then be metabolized by the body.

What Areas Can I Treat with Vasculaze?

Vasculaze is primarily used to treat the face or the legs. These areas are the most commonly affected by vascular blemishes like spider veins or birthmarks. In some cases, patients can also choose Vasculaze to treat the arms.

Patients with larger varicose veins on the legs may not be suited to Vasculaze treatment, as these veins can be too large to be effectively treated using the laser. Other treatment options may be available to treat these varicose veins. Our Provider can explain your best options during a consultation.

Does Vasculaze Hurt?

Vasculaze treatment is not typically painful. Most patients describe the treatment as a tingly sensation or a mild snap as the laser targets the vein. The Vasculaze device includes a cooling system that helps improve comfort throughout the procedure.

The Vasculaze Procedure

After administering a local anesthetic, the Vasculaze handpiece will be directed to the treatment area to precisely target the unwanted vein or vascular lesion. As the laser targets the vein, you may feel a tingling or snapping sensation. Vasculaze treatment can be completed very quickly, with only a few seconds required per treated vein. The total length of your treatment time will vary depending on the number or size of the vascular lesions you wish to treat.

Most patients will require multiple treatment sessions to reach their ideal Vasculaze results. On average, patients receive about three total treatment sessions. During a consultation, our provider will explain a treatment plan that will suit your needs and achieve your ideal results.

What Can I Expect After Vasculaze?

Immediately after your Vasculaze treatment session, you can expect some side effects including swelling, redness, and mild bruising. These symptoms should be minor and will resolve within ten days. We may recommend compression through this time to help relieve your side effects and speed healing by promoting circulation. As you heal, you should avoid sun exposure as much as possible and wear appropriate SPF. Aside from these steps, you can immediately return to your routine after Vasculaze treatment.

The treated veins will begin to fade soon after treatment, with final results visible shortly after your last Vasculaze treatment session. After Vasculaze, you will notice more even and youthful-looking skin with reduced visible veins.

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