PicoWay ® Laser Tattoo Removal in Minneapolis-St. Paul

PicoWay® Tattoo Removal is a laser treatment designed for the removal of tattoos and treatment of pigmentation, skin irregularities, and signs of aging. Unlike traditional tattoo removal, PicoWay® can treat multi-colored tattoos on different skin types while requiring fewer treatments than other tattoo lasers available on the market today.

How PicoWay® Tattoo Removal Works

PicoWay® uses picosecond laser technology to deliver targeted energy to the ink in ultra-short pulses. This means fast treatments with minimal discomfort. The high-powered laser energy essentially shatters the ink within the skin for maximum tattoo dissipation, but selectively targets the tattoo while preserving the surrounding skin, leaving it undamaged. Most treatment sessions take less than 45 minutes to complete, so you can easily fit PicoWay® treatments into your schedule.

Post-Treatment with PicoWay® Tattoo Removal

PicoWay® comes with fewer side effects than other laser removal treatments because it uses less heat. However, some common side effects include temporary redness and discoloration around the treatment area, which usually subsides within the first three days. Lightening of the skin might also accompany your treatment, but this also usually resolves. Treatments with PicoWay® can ultimately result in the diminished appearance of tattoos and pigmentation.

Cost of PicoWay® Tattoo Removal Laser

2×2: $400
4×4: $600
6×6: $800

A consultation is required to determine the price for areas larger than those above. Treatments needed: 4-6 Frequency: 8 weeks Downtime: None – but swelling and redness in the area may be present for the first 3 days.

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PicoWay Resolve Rejuvenation Laser

PicoWay® Resolve is a laser treatment that uses breakthrough technology and the shortest laser pulse available. Measured in picoseconds (trillionths of a second), it breaks down the pigment into small particles that can be absorbed by the body as waste. These pulses can be used to treat stubborn pigmentation and signs of aging. PicoWay® is also great for benign, pigmented lesions such as freckles, age spots, lentigines, Nevus of Ota, café-au-lait, and more. Each treatment usually takes about 20 minutes, with no required downtime.

After Treatment with PicoWay® Resolve

You may experience redness directly after your treatment with PicoWay® Resolve, which can be controlled with a cool compress. Results from PicoWay® Resolve are noticeable in just a few treatments. Almost all patients report satisfaction with their results from PicoWay®, with reduced appearance of facial lesions and other skin irregularities.

Cost of PicoWay®Resolve Rejuvenation Treatment

Full face and neck: $550

Treatments needed: 3-6 Frequency: 4-6weeks Click for more FAQ’s Consultation Checklist

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