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Popular depictions of acne might be limited to prepubescent teens and stressed-out adolescents studying for the SATS.  But while the silver screen and media might try to convince us that acne magically stops by the time we hit the age of 21, the real story isn’t so nicely wrapped up.  In fact, an astonishing number of adults suffer with acne; it’s estimated that one in five women suffer from adult acne.

So if you’re plagued by those angry red zits, painful cysts and annoying whiteheads, at least you can take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. If you’re looking for a solution to your adult acne, consider your search over – because Dr. Heather Rocheford is ready to restore your ultimate complexion with an innovative Blue Light Laser Treatment.

Wondering how this treatment works?  It’s surprisingly simple: you see, many cases of adult acne occur due to deep-seated bacteria that’s taking up residence within the skin’s pores.  Bacteria can fester within the skin thanks in part to an overactive sebaceous gland, which may produce too much oil when over-stimulated (this can occur for a variety of reasons, but it’s usually attributed to genetics).   The bacteria can become clogged in a pore, along with dirt, oil, and even ingrown hairs.  The end result is a festering zit that takes on the angry red appearance that we not-so-joyously know as acne.

The Blue Light Laser Treatment works by effectively killing the bacteria in your skin that’s causing the acne.  The blue laser light penetrates to the deepest levels of the skin, which not only helps it tackle current breakouts – it ensures you won’t see another breakout again.

In addition to the Blue Light Laser Treatment, Dr. Rocheford can use Levulan, a topical ointment that’s been shown to reduce breakouts by up to 75% when combined with laser light therapy.  After a complete round of laser light/Levulan therapy, clients can expect to see their sebaceous glands temporarily shrunk for up to 18 months.

That means no more adult acne – and no more having to hide your face from the world.

To schedule your Blue Light Laser treatment, schedule a consultation with Dr. Rocheford in her private practice at Rocheford Plastic Surgery, which serves the greater St. Paul-Minneapolis areas. (651) 739-1100

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