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Even though there are several topical creams in the market today that promise results, you’ve probably found that they don’t match up to medical-grade treatments like laser techniques. Laser technology is constantly evolving, and you may get overwhelmed when you begin to look at your options. However, there are many different ways your skin can benefit from laser treatments, and here are just a few.

Acne and Pigmentation

Acne is a skin concern caused by the overproduction of oil by your skin’s sebaceous glands. While skin sebum is essential for keeping your skin healthy and moisturized, it can become a problem when it clogs pores and gives rise to acne-causing bacteria. Hormonal changes can also obstruct sebaceous glands in your skin. When acne becomes severe, it can leave behind scars and permanent marks on the skin. These scars can have varying severity but can have a large impact on each patient’s confidence. Laser treatments like Fractora stimulate collagen deep within the pores, allowing your skin to recover and heal. These treatments work on all skin colors and types and require only a few sessions to get desired results. Sun damage can lead to bothersome brown spots and freckles on your body. With the use of Lumecca broad spectrum IPL (Intense pulsed light), Dr. Rocheford can eliminate these spots by targeting melanin in the pigmented areas. Most patients require around three treatment sessions and begin to see results after the first.

Body Contouring

Despite being at your ideal weight and following a healthy diet and exercise routine, many people struggle with uneven fat irregularities. You may find that you have abdominal fat, cellulite, or love handles which refuse to budge. If you want to avoid surgery, laser treatments like the Body FX Fat Removal Laser are the most effective alternative. This uses bi-polar radio frequency technology to slim down areas like the abdomen, chin, neck, or thighs.

Hair and Tattoo Removal

Laser treatments are the most opted-for procedures for getting rid of unwanted hair or tattoos. Even though there are several treatments for hair removal, Diolaze laser eliminates hair in a very short time and is effective on all skin types including sensitive skin. Most patients see reduced hair production after only a few treatment sessions. There are many different reasons to opt for laser tattoo removal. The Picoway laser offered by Dr. Rocheford treats different kinds of tattoos, eliminating those applied by professionals as well as the difficult amateur ones too. With the fast delivery of energy, it can break down the smallest of particles, allowing your body to get rid of ink quicker. This laser treatment is the most advanced technology on the market today. Tattoos can be removed in fewer treatments than traditional lasers.

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