Body Contouring in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Our new Body FX Fat Removal Laser uses bi-polar radio frequency technology to contour your body and treat uneven fat irregularities. The treatment is great for reducing the appearance of cellulite and excess fat around the midsection. It is not limited to the body either! The Body FX Mini treats the chin and neck area. Although you may feel a gentle warming sensation, the treatment is very tolerable and there is no downtime required. Discount packages of six treatments for face or body are available now!

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Body FX Fat Removal Laser FAQs

Is body contouring permanent?

The fat cells that are eliminated with the Body FX Fat Removal Laser will not come back, and as long as you stick to a healthy lifestyle, you can maintain the results.

When will I see the results of body contouring?

You will see noticeable results six to twelve weeks after treatment. You need multiple treatment sessions to get the results you’re looking for.

Can the Body FX laser treat cellulite?

Yes! The Body FX Fat Removal Laser can reduce the appearance of cellulite on the body.

Is body contouring painful?

You may feel a slight warming sensation during the procedure, but you shouldn’t feel any pain.

Is there any recovery with body contouring?

There is no downtime with body contouring with the Body FX laser. After treatment, you can return to work or your normal routine.

Cost of Body Contouring

Cost of Body FX Per Package of 6: $2,400
Cost of Body FX Mini
Per Package of 6: $1,800
Cost for Body FX Fat Removal
Treatments needed: 6-8
Frequency: 1/week
Downtime: none
Cost Per Package of 6: $2,400
Cost for Body FX Mini (Chin) Fat Removal
Treatments needed: 6-8
Frequency: 1/week
Downtime: none
Cost Per Package of 6: $1,800

Body Contouring FAQs

Can ultrasound melt fat?

There are many non-surgical body contouring technologies out there, including ultrasound-assisted lipolysis.

Can you freeze your fat off at home?

It is unwise to use body contouring products without the supervision or administration of a board-certified provider like Dr. Rocheford.

Does body sculpting work on cellulite?

As body contouring is meant to reduce the amount of fat in the treatment area, and cellulite is a skin condition loosely related to underlying fat deposits, body contouring may have an influence on the appearance of cellulite, but that is not guaranteed.

Does insurance cover body contouring?

Insurance typically does not cover non-invasive body contouring, as this procedure is elective and not medically necessary.

How can I lose my stomach fat?

If diet and exercise alone arent helping you lose fat in a stubborn area like the stomach, liposuction or body contouring procedures may be able to help you slim down and achieve the curves you want.

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