Capsular contracture is when the breast implants harden. This happens in a small percentage of patients following breast enlargement surgery. The causes are: infection, bleeding, and inflammation. During surgery, every effort will be made to minimize the risk of infection. You will be given antibiotics before and after surgery, the surgical site will be irrigated with triple antibiotic solution and the implant will be soaked in this solution as well. To prevent bleeding, you will be required to stop all aspirin and ibuprofen containing medications 2 weeks prior to surgery. During surgery, all bleeding will be stopped. The key to diminish inflammation is to take it easy following your breast enhancement. Especially avoid any repetitive upper arm activity for the first two weeks after surgery. Additionally, you will be given instructions on breast massage to help diminish the risk of capsular contracture.

If you get a capsular contracture and it is painful or distorts the appearance of your breast, then additional surgery will be required to alleviate this problem. There will be additional fees for this surgery.

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