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Acne is annoying no matter what age you are. When it seems like you are able to leave all the bad parts of your adolescence behind, except for your acne, it can cause a big blow to your confidence. At Rocheford Plastic Surgery, we understand how much acne can affect one’s self-esteem which is why we offer acne treatments in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Acne Treatment With Fractora Laser

Push acne into submission with our new Fractora acne laser treatments. This special laser uses bipolar RF technology to kill bacteria deep within the pores and stop acne in its tracks. Fractora works on all skin types and colors. After the session, the skin will feel warm with a mild burning sensation and you will appear as if you have a sunburn. However, this sunburn appearance will usually subside within 4 to 5 days after initial treatment.

Trusted & Experienced

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“The results exceeded my expectations. They coached me through the entire process and I’m extremely happy I decided to do the surgery. They are perfectionist. The best. Thank you for the beautiful results.”

“Dr. Rocheford and her team made me feel comfortable from the moment I arrived at the office. Dr. Rocheford was extremely thorough during my consult, explaining my intended procedure in detail and what I should expect during the entire process. I appreciated the detailed pricing that was reviewed with me by one of Dr. Rocheford’s team members so that there were no questions about what the cost would be. I was understandably nervous on the day of my surgery, however, the entire team was AMAZING! Jen, Sarah, Dr. Rocheford, Bonnie, and everyone else on the team were kind, supportive and kept me informed of the process. The discharge instructions and pain control plan were detailed and easy to follow. The post-op follow up was thorough and convenient.”

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Cost of Fractora

Cost Per Treatment: $500

Treatments needed: 2-3
Frequency: 4 weeks
Downtime: 1 week

Heather Rocheford, MD


There are so many fads and false promises out there. It’s almost impossible to make a confident decision without trusted advice, and that’s what I’m here for. My goal is to help you understand what is right for you – based on your unique situation.

Meet Dr. Rocheford

Who Is a Candidate for Fractora Laser Acne Treatments?

Ideal candidates for Fractora Laser Acne Treatment are those individuals seeking long-term relief from acne as well as acne scars. This treatment is ideal for those who suffer from surface-level acne, as well as cystic acne. Candidates are drawn to the non-invasive nature of the procedure and the fact that it requires very minimal downtime. Fractora is safe and suitable for all skin types. Fractora treatments are especially safe for those with sensitive skin and dark skin tones as they pose very little risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Fractora Treatment

Fractora is an advanced and innovative skin rejuvenation treatment that utilizes radiofrequency technology to enhance the skin’s texture, tone, and firmness. This non-invasive procedure utilizes a handheld device with tiny pins that deliver controlled micro-needling and radiofrequency energy to the targeted areas of the skin. The micro-needles create micro-injuries, stimulating the skin’s natural healing response, while the radiofrequency energy promotes collagen and elastin production.

Fractora Results

Fractora’s dual-action approach addresses a variety of skin concerns, including fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and overall skin texture irregularities. This treatment is especially effective in managing acne and staving off future breakouts. Each treatment provides remarkable results with minimal downtime, making it a popular choice for individuals seeking to achieve smoother, more youthful skin without the need for more invasive procedures. Optimal results can be seen anywhere from 2-4 weeks after treatment. You may require touch-up sessions when the benefits begin to fade after about a year.

Schedule a Consultation

If you’re ready to discuss your acne treatment options, now is a great time to schedule your complimentary consultation with one of our Certified Fractora Technicians here in the Woodbury, MN location. Simply request a consultation online or call Rocheford Plastic Surgery at 651-739-1100 today to schedule your appointment.

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Fractora FAQs

Does Fractora acne laser treatment work on all skin types?

Absolutely! The acne laser works on all skin types and skin colors. It is even safe for sensitive skin.

Does Fractora acne laser treatment hurt?

Fractora Acne Laser Treatment is not considered a painful procedure. You may feel some discomfort during treatment, but most patients find it very tolerable.

When will I see the results?

While you may start to see results a few days after treatment, it will take several months before you see the final results of the acne treatment. This includes undergoing a few sessions of Fractora.

How does the Fractora acne laser treatment work?

The Fractora acne laser treatment works by using bipolar radiofrequency technology to kill the bacteria that is deep within the pores of the skin. By killing this bacteria that can lead to acne breakouts, you are stopping acne where it starts.

Patient Resources

Whether a new or returning patient, we have plenty of resources to either help you get started or learn more about the procedure process. From patient forms to blogs, we have all the resources you’ll need to prepare yourself for your appointment.

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