Torn Ear Lobe in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Pierced earlobes can be torn in a variety of ways. A child may have pulled on your earring, extensive phone use with an earring in place may have enlarged your piercing, or large heavy earrings may be to blame. In any case, torn earlobes prevent normal wear of pierced earrings and are bothersome in their appearance. One or both earlobes can be easily repaired under local anesthesia in the office. The resulting scar will depend on the extent of the tear. External stitches are required and will be removed in 7 to 8 days. The ears can be re-pierced in 3 months.

Working with Dr. Rocheford was the best experience I have had working with a doctor. She was personable and professional. I can’t say enough good things about her and her staff. They were all wonderful to work with! I couldn’t be happier with the results! I highly recommend Dr. Rocheford!”
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Cost of Ear Lobe Repair

One Ear:
Two Ears:

Price may vary based on the complexity of the case.

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