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With invasive surgery comes scars, an unpreventable side-effect. These scars can be a troublesome reminder of a medical procedure or injury and can sometimes lead to low confidence, especially if they are in a highly visible location. However, there are options for helping to diminish the appearance of scars. At Rocheford Plastic Surgery, we offer bioCorneum® to help manage the appearance of scars acquired from surgical incisions or injuries, whether they are new or from years and years ago.

What is bioCorneum®?

bioCorneum® is exclusively available at plastic surgeons’ and dermatologists’ offices. Made up of a blend of silicone and SPF 30, bioCorneum® dries into an invisible, flexible sheet of silicone over the scar. This helps prevent abnormal scarring while softening and flattening raised scars, reduces redness, and prevents discoloration caused by the sun. bioCorneum® is water-resistant and relieves any itching or discomfort that may come with the healing of a scar.

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“Not only is her skill impeccable, she is knowledgeable, personable, and realistic. Her facility and staff is outstanding. I would recommend her without reservation.”

“I had my rhinoplasty done by Dr. Rocheford and cannot recommend her enough! I am 4 months post op and am amazed at how seamless the recovery process was. She and her staff are so helpful and kind and made me feel very comfortable. I felt prepared every step of the way and am so happy with my results!”

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Cost of bioCorneum®

bioCorneum® 10 g: $30 | bioCorneum® 20 g: $45

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There are so many fads and false promises out there. It’s almost impossible to make a confident decision without trusted advice, and that’s what I’m here for. My goal is to help you understand what is right for you – based on your unique situation.

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How to use bioCorneum®

Application of bioCorneum® is quick and easy and can be done in three simple steps. The first is to make sure the area of application is clean and dry. Next, you will apply a thin layer of the bioCorneum® treatment over the scar area. You will do this twice a day, once in the evening and once at night. Finally, once the product has completely dried, you can cover it up with compression garments, clothing, or even makeup. If you notice that your bioCorneum® is taking five minutes or longer to dry after applying it, this may be a sign that you are using too much of the product.

bioCorneum® Results

Continuous use of bioCorneum® scar treatment can result in a significant reduction in the appearance of scarring, whether it is on the face or somewhere else on the body. Most patients begin to see results after only 4 weeks of treatment. The best, and optimal, results will peak after around 3 months of use. Treatment time can vary depending on the age of the scar. For newer scars, resulting from injury or surgical incisions, treatment can be complete in as little as 60 days. For older scars, it may take at least 90 days. In either case, bioCorneum® is effective in breaking up scar tissue, new or old, and restoring the appearance of smooth, even skin.

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bioCorneum® is an excellent option for rejuvenating your skin and minimizing the appearance of scarring, for a more even skin appearance. To learn more, we invite you to meet with our provider where we can create the ideal treatment plan for you using our best skin care and skin devices. Contact our Woodbury-area office by calling 651-739-1100 or filling out our online form.

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