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Let’s face it – you wouldn’t trade anything in the world for your little bundle of joy. As soon as you laid eyes on your child, you felt a love that was deeper than anything you’ve ever experienced.

But if you’re not feeling the same kind of love and admiration for your post-baby body, then you might be considering a mommy makeover procedure at Rocheford Plastic Surgery in Woodbury, MN. You know that mommy makeovers are perfect for getting your pre-baby body back, thanks to a combination of procedures that address breast and stomach issues.

However, what you don’t know is how soon after your baby should you wait to have a mommy makeover?

Your Mommy Makeover Timeline

According to board certified plastic surgeon and Rocheford Plastic Surgery founder Dr. Heather Rocheford, the appropriate amount of time to wait before undergoing a mommy makeover is about six months after pregnancy. This timeline is especially relevant if you’re looking to undergo an abdominoplasty, which involves repairing the abdominal walls and trimming excess fat and skin from the stomach area. By this time, the stomach is ready to undergo another major procedure.

If you’re interested in breast augmentation procedures, you should be done with nursing about six weeks before undergoing the surgery. This rule of thumb is due to the fact that you’ll need time to recover from the breast augmentation procedure, meaning you won’t be allowed to breastfeed.

Keep in mind that you should also schedule your mommy makeover procedure for when you have consistent, round-the-clock help at home. You won’t be allowed to lift over 10lbs for the first two weeks after your procedure, which means you won’t be able to lift your baby.

Mommy Makeover at Rocheford Plastic Surgery

Do you have more questions about the mommy makeover timeline? Wondering what to expect with this procedure? Schedule a mommy makeover consultation with Dr. Rocheford at Rocheford Plastic Surgery in Woodbury, MN today. Rocheford Plastic Surgery serves the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul metro areas.

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