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With the official start of summer just weeks away, the weather is going to be too hot to hide under layers. Unfortunately, this means having to bare it all just to keep cool, even if that means showing off that tattoo you no longer love. Luckily, here at Rocheford Plastic Surgery, we offer the highly effective PicoWay® laser. A PicoWay laser tattoo removal treatment is a safe and effective way to remove tattoos of all kinds. Keep reading for three important facts that you should know about tattoo removal prior to treatment.

Not All Pigments are Created Equal

Because each tattoo is unique, the removal process will be unique as well. Each type of pigment is removed from the skin differently. The laser used has a very short pulse, so this allows the dyes to be broken down with minimal damage to the surrounding skin. Certain colors are harder to remove than others, such as greens and yellows, since they are lighter and provide less contrast against the skin. Since lasers are attracted to pigment, the darker pigments can be removed more easily.

Number of Treatments May Vary

Due to tattoo size and color, and one’s skin type, the number of treatments can vary greatly. When it comes to ease of removal, the amount of contrast between the patient’s skin tone and tattoo has a big effect on the number of treatments needed. The ideal case is someone who stays out of the sun and has a dark tattoo. This is because the contrast is greater. If you have a medium to deeper skin tone, the contrast will most likely be less and more treatments may be necessary.

Sun Protection is Key

After you have had your treatment, it is vital that you keep your skin protected. Without proper sun care, the fresh skin that is revealed by the laser can experience pigmentation issues and even have trouble healing. If the area is not treated properly, the area that once was a tattoo could become an unsightly sun spot.

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If you are suffering from an embarrassing tattoo, give Rocheford Plastic Surgery a call today to schedule a consultation. Once removed, you will be able to live without the worry of an unwanted tattoo.

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Whether a new or returning patient, we have plenty of resources to either help you get started or learn more about the procedure process. From patient forms to blogs, we have all the resources you’ll need to prepare yourself for your appointment.

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