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The influence of Hollywood and other celebrities made breast augmentation a desirable operation for many women who want to enhance their look. In the United States, it is among the top surgical procedures, and thousands are going under the knife to achieve the look that they want. After the operation, women who have undergone breast augmentation procedures are saying that they are more confident, and they are highly satisfied with the results of the operation. However, if you want to undergo a breast augmentation procedure, you need to learn the basics about how the surgery is being carried out and what you will need to do after.

Length of recovery

The steps on how to recover from the operation are explained to those who would like to have their breast enlarged with a breast augmentation. The procedure can be completed in a short amount of time, and the life-changing event is what the patients are looking forward to after a successful operation. Many women are asking about the duration of the recovery period if they will be engaging in a breast augmentation procedure. However, there is no definite answer to the question because each body is unique and each procedure will differ slightly. Most experts would agree that there is no exact amount of days that would tell when the body has recovered, but on average, the wounds heal after six weeks.

Managing pain

There is a series of postoperative recovery that needs to be done after the patient went under the knife, and they should be monitored closely during this period. One of the most common scenarios that could happen after someone went under the knife would be the sore feeling in their chest. They would need to be given painkillers to reduce the pain. For the first three days after the operation, the patient would feel uncomfortable. Pain medication would be prescribed to ease the discomfort. A few more days after the operation has concluded, the patient can start buying over the counter painkillers.

Exercise and activity level

One week after the operation, the patient should start engaging in light exercises, and then they should do it on a daily routine. The pain felt would also decrease over time, but follow your surgeon’s instructions closely. Never do extremely tiring activities that might lead to unpleasant after effects. Heavyweight lifting is also inadvisable because it can cause massive stress on the areas and it can result in negative effects on your health. It is recommended to stay on vacation leave for three more weeks for those who are doing hard labor. Two months after the surgery, you will be allowed to go back to most regular activities.

Necessary assistance

During the course of the recovery, you may want to have a close friend or family member there to care for you and help with household chores, pats, or small children. You will also need this person there to drive you home from your procedure and anywhere you may need to go while on pain medication. Recovery is an important part of your recovery process, but when it’s all over, you will get to enjoy your new breasts after breast augmentation. To learn more about the procedure and what to expect with recovery, contact our office and schedule your consultation with Dr. Rocheford.

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