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It’s almost shorts and sundress season – and for many women, that means feeling self-conscious about the appearance of cellulite. While it’s a surprisingly common condition – it’s estimated that about 98% of women have cellulite – it still can be a source of embarrassment.

For clients who are ready to stop worrying about cellulite and start enjoying the summer, it’s time to discover a brand-new treatment for cellulite on your legs, thighs, stomach, and even arms.

Introducing BodyFX Cellulite Targeting

At Rocheford Plastic Surgery in Woodbury, MN – serving the greater St. Paul/Minneapolis metro areas – board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Heather Rocheford uses BodyFX treatments to target cellulite. This FDA-approved technology is the gold standard for minimizing the appearance of cellulite, as it directly targets fatty tissue for superior body contouring.

BodyFX relies on radiofrequency technology to target and treat fibrous bands that contribute to the appearance of cellulite. As these bands form and tighten, fat cells are push to the surface, resulting in the dimpled appearance that’s so common with cellulite. BodyFX works by using radiofrequency energy to heat both fat cells and fibrous bands, which results in fat cell death. The destroyed cells are removed over time by the body, resulting in body contouring over a period of one to three months.

Another bonus to using BodyFX cellulite technology is that it results in immediate skin-tightening results. As the treatment area is targeted, the skin contracts and tightens, which results in inch loss and noticeable body contouring.

What to Expect

The number of BodyFX sessions you’ll need largely depends on the severity of cellulite, including the treatment area. During your consultation with Dr. Rocheford & staff, they will help you determine how many treatments you’ll need, and when you can expect to see optimal results.

Patients should expect to feel a warming sensation on the treatment area, which can easily be tolerated. Patients should also commit to a healthy lifestyle to support results from their BodyFX treatments.

BodyFX at Rocheford Plastic Surgery

For more information about cellulite removal via BodyFX contouring, schedule a consultation with Dr. Rocheford at Rocheford Plastic Surgery in Woodbury, MN. Rocheford Plastic Surgery serves the greater St. Paul/Minneapolis areas. Call 651-739-1100 to learn more.

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