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If you’re considering breast augmentation, then you know that choosing the right size breast implant can be difficult. Many women often have some regret about not having gone large enough. Worried about finding the right size for your body?

In this video from, you will get an overview of how to choose the right size breast implants for your needs. Your plastic surgeon will start by examining the size and dimensions of your breasts. Based on the diameter, your surgeon can extrapolate a possible implant size. Do you wish you could take your new breasts for a test run before committing to the surgery? Find out more about temporary breast inserts with this full clip!

Are you looking for a plastic surgeon in your area? Dr. Heather Rocheford of Rocheford Plastic Surgery provides the breast augmentations for your needs. For patient information, procedures guides, testimonials, or to schedule a consultation, visit our website today!

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