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Ah, love handles.  No matter how often you work out, or how many healthy salads you eat, you just can’t seem to make those little pockets of fat on your hips budge. Even when your bathroom scale is moving in the right direction, there’s just nothing you can do to shrink your stubborn love handles.

If the above sounds familiar to you, then it’s time to kiss them good-bye – because your love handles are about to disappear, courtesy of Heather Rocheford, MD at Rocheford Plastic Surgery.

Two Innovative Solutions. Zero Love Handles.

Located in Woodbury, MN and serving the greater Twin Cities region, Rocheford Plastic Surgery is home to innovative treatments designed to unleash your inner confidence.  Owner and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rocheford is pleased to offer two solutions for the treatment of love handles.

Take a look at how Dr. Rocheford can “handle” the situation:

Non-Surgical Solution:  If you have mild to moderate love handles that won’t respond to diet or exercise, Dr. Rocheford can use a non-surgical approach to shrinking your hip’s fat deposits.  With this approach, Dr. Rocheford uses laser skin tightening to gently heat the dermis, which causes a tightening effect.  As the skin tightens, the fat cells underneath the skin shrink, with many ending up destroyed.  These destroyed cells are later removed via the body’s natural waste processes.

The non-surgical solution doesn’t require any downtime, although it will take longer to see results.  Clients can expect to undergo six to nine treatments one month at a time.  The cost of each session ranges from $300 to $600.

Surgical Solution: For those clients who have larger love handles that don’t respond to diet or exercise, a surgical solution like liposuction may be more appropriate.  During this procedure, Dr. Rocheford makes a small incision in which a cannula (small tube) is passed through.  The cannula is then used to break up the fat deposits; the destroyed fat is then drained from the treatment area.

Liposuction is an invasive procedure that requires two to four weeks of recovery time.  Patients can expect to see their ideal results after eight weeks, at which point the post-operative swelling has dissipated.  With proper maintenance, results can last for seven to ten years.

Let Dr. Rocheford create the best approach to eliminating your love handles.  Schedule your consultation at Rocheford Plastic Surgery in Woodbury, MN today by calling 651-739-1100.

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