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Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the U.S. today, which is no surprise due to its quick results. Even patients who follow a healthy lifestyle often experience stubborn areas of fat that are bothersome. Liposuction can instantly remove targeted areas of fat to create a slimmer, more proportionate body silhouette.

Permanent Fat Removal

Despite the known dramatic results that this procedure offers, many patients have questions about how long results can last. There is a selection of liposuction techniques used today, all focusing on removing excess fat cells from a targeted area on the body. Overall, liposuction can permanently remove fat cells from the body, resulting in long-lasting results.

How to Maintain Results

Although liposuction results are long-lasting, it is possible for fat to return to the treatment area after liposuction if weight is gained after the procedure. However, patients who do gain weight often notice that their overall body shape is improved due to the liposuction procedure, regardless of weight gain.

If patients are striving for long-term results, it is important that they maintain their weight at the time of surgery by following a healthy lifestyle. Patients can follow these steps for best results:

  • Stay hydrated- drink water throughout the day
  • Do not skip meals
  • Eat small meals throughout the day
  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat a healthy diet reducing sugar and fat intake
  • Follow all post-procedure instructions given to you by your surgeon

If you are interested in liposuction for a slimmer body silhouette in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, contact Rocheford Plastic Surgery today to schedule your consultation.

Patient Resources

Whether a new or returning patient, we have plenty of resources to either help you get started or learn more about the procedure process. From patient forms to blogs, we have all the resources you’ll need to prepare yourself for your appointment.

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