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If you have recently gained or lost weight, given birth, or become pregnant, your breasts may have shifted in size and in shape, leaving you feeling self-conscious. Breast lifts can help to restore a more youthful appearance to the breast, without increasing or altering breast size.

Here are 3 signs that you are a good candidate for a breast lift:

1. You Are Happy With the Size of Your Breasts, but Not the Shape:

Breast lifts will not alter or increase the size of your breast, nor will they add fullness to the top part of the breast. If you are looking for more fullness and larger breasts, consider breast augmentation instead.

2. You Are Physically Healthy and Maintain a Stable Weight:

To be a good candidate for any surgery, you should be physically healthy. Because weight loss and gain has a significant impact on the size of your breasts, your weight should remain consistent for best results.

3. Your Nipples and Areolas Point Downward:

Ptosis, or sagging of the breast, is common and exacerbated by age, gravity, breastfeeding, pregnancy and certain hereditary factors. Breast lifts can help to fight against this by bringing the breast upright so that the nipple no longer points downward. Your breast shape after the procedure should remain fairly consistent so long as you do not fluctuate in weight or become pregnant.

Breast lifts can help to restore your confidence. The procedure takes a few hours and requires at least one week of recovery. If you are in St. Paul and are interested in undergoing a breast lift, contact Dr. Heather Rocheford at Rocheford Plastic Surgery by calling 651-739-1100. Dr. Rocheford has the experience and understanding necessary to get you looking and feeling your best.

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