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You’ve always wanted to undergo breast augmentation surgery – but there’s something holding you back.

Sure, the idea of enhancing your bust is a tempting one. You’d love to achieve the curvy look that you can achieve via this popular procedure – and you’re definitely ready for the confidence boost that almost every patient experiences after a breast augmentation surgery.

While there’s no denying you’re ready for a new bustline, you’re not exactly sure you’re ready for surgical scars – especially if they’re noticeable around your new breasts. So when it comes down to it, there’s just one question you need answered… Will you have scars from a breast augmentation surgery?

Breast Augmentation Surgery Scars: What to Expect

While scars from breast augmentation – or any surgery, for that matter – are inevitable, there are specific incision techniques that can minimize the size and visibility of your scars.

At Rocheford Plastic Surgery in Woodbury, MN – also serving Minneapolis and St. Paul – founder Heather Rocheford, MD can help answer any concerns you might have about surgical scars. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Rocheford uses specific techniques to minimize any surgical scars, which ensure you can enjoy your new bustline without feeling self-conscious about scarring.

Here’s what she can do:

• Dr. Rocheford can place the incision underneath the natural crease below the breasts. This incision is not visible to you or others, which means you can wear a swimsuit without feeling self-conscious about your surgery scars. It is her preferred incision.

• Incisions made around the areola or armpit will be visible to you and others, particularly while healing. This will fade over time, but there may still be a fine line that you can see after you’re fully healed. These incisions are associated with a higher complication rate.

• An umbilical incision is less common, as it is quite a distance away from the breast. The idea behind this incision technique is to avoid any scarring around the breast; however, it has a higher complication and revision rate. If complications arise, Dr. Rocheford recommends the incision be made below the breast.

Dr. Rocheford also offers procedures that can help fade the appearance of any scars from your breast augmentation surgery. Once you’ve recovered from your surgery, consider laser skin resurfacing, which works by smoothing out the skin’s pigmentation to effectively fade scars. For optimal results, you’ll need about 2-4 laser treatments spaced out several months apart.

Breast Augmentation at Rocheford Plastic Surgery

If you’re ready for breast augmentation surgery, or have more concerns about scars from the procedure, schedule a consultation with Dr. Rocheford at Rocheford Plastic Surgery in Woodbury, MN today! Call 651-739-1100 for more information.

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