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Deciding to have a breast augmentation can be a life changing decision, however, many women are surprised by needing an implant replacement down the road. Others are under the impression that they will need a replacement surgery every few years! So, what does happen with your breast augmentation implants as you age and when should you have them replaced?

You Experience Sagging

Just like your natural breasts, your enhanced breasts are subject to the effects of gravity, sun damage, and motherhood. Overtime, you might notice changes to your breasts, such as sagging or rippling, and choose to have your implants replaced. You might also have your implants replaced due to sagging after pregnancy.

A Leak Occurs

Many patients are concerned about implant ruptures and leaking. This can occasionally occur, requiring an implant replacement. The implant you choose can further decrease your risk from a leak. For example, a leak with a saline implant will be immediately noticeable and the saline solution can be safely absorbed into the body. A gummy bear implant can also rupture, but because of its gummy material, it will not leak out of the implant shell or into the body. If a rupture does occur with any implant type, you will need to get to your surgeon to have the implant replaced.

You Change Your Mind

Your body and mind will continue to change as you age. The breasts you wanted ten years ago might not be the breasts you want today. At any time, you might choose to have your implants replaced with larger ones, smaller ones, or taken out altogether! A breast augmentation with implants can give you very long-lasting results, but the decision is not a permanent one.


While having your implant replaced seems like an annoyance, it will likely only be necessary once or twice in your lifetime. Some women are lucky enough to never need an implant replacement. The quality of the implant you choose and the expereince of your surgeon can help to ensure long lasting implants from a breast augmentation.

To schedule your breast augmentation or implant replacement with board-certified surgeon, Dr. Rocheford, contact our office today!

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