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When it comes to looking your best after baby, many people tend to focus on the Mommy Makeover.  In these popular surgical treatments, mothers are provided with a combination of treatments designed to help them get their pre-baby bodies back.  From liposuction and breast lifts to Botox and facial fillers, Mommy Makeovers can refresh a mother’s appearance, no matter how many sleepless nights she’s had.

But did you know that Daddy Do-Overs are quickly rising as the latest popular surgical treatment?

Much like Mommy Makeovers, Daddy Do-Overs are designed for middle-aged men who want to get back their youthful physique.  These may be the same men who may have gained a few pounds since starting a family, and may have a few more wrinkles as a result of sleepless nights with the baby.

That’s why Daddy Do-Overs have become more popular in recent years.  At Rocheford Plastic Surgery in Woodbury, MN – serving the greater St. Paul/Minneapolis metro area – board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Heather Rocheford can combine multiple plastic surgery treatments to help men go back to the bodies they had back in their twenties.

Here are a few treatments you can include in the Daddy Do-Over:

  • Liposuction: Whether you want to eliminate your chest fat or want a slimmer waist, Dr. Rocheford can use advanced plastic surgery procedures to remove fat and contour the body.  Rocheford uses the gold standard tumescent liposuction technique to remove unwanted fat.
  • Jawline Recontouring: For many men, a weak jawline can be a source of embarrassment. That’s why Dr. Rocheford offers facial fillers and chin implants to help contour the jawline.  Facial fillers can provide temporary results, while chin implants can create a permanently strong and defined jawline.
  • Bro-Tox”: If you want to appear younger and more refreshed, Botox treatments – more commonly known as “Bro-tox” – can help smooth away wrinkles and fine lines.  Botox is an easy in-office treatment, with results lasting anywhere from three to six months.

Want to learn more about the Daddy Do-Over? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Rocheford at Rocheford Plastic Surgery in Woodbury, MN today! Call 651-739-1100 today!

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