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A tattoo is meant to be a life-long addition to your body, but sometimes tattoos don’t turn out as expected or you change your mind down the road. With PicoWay laser, you can finally start removing that unwanted tattoo. Here are some common questions regarding treatment to get you prepared.

How Does the PicoWay Laser Work?

PicoWay lasers work by targeting deep layers of skin to break down tattoo pigment. Pulses of energy are sent to attack the pigment while surrounding tissue is preserved. With an optimal number of sessions, your tattoo can be faded to become virtually unnoticeable.

Does Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt?

Perhaps the most common concern when it comes to laser tattoo removal is “Will it hurt?” Just like receiving a tattoo, the amount of pain you feel with removal will depend on the location of your tattoo. Sensitive areas might be more painful than others. Most patients describe it as a rubber band snapping against their skin. The pain is completely tolerable, but if you’re worried, talk with your doctor about receiving numbing cream ahead of time.

Will my Tattoo be Removed Completely?

In some cases, a tattoo can be removed completely. The effectiveness of laser treatment will depend on the color of pigment used in your tattoo. You might assume that darker pigments would be more difficult to fade, but it’s actually the lighter colors that pose a challenge. This is because lasers detect contrast between the pigment of the skin and your natural skin tone. So, lighter skin with a darker tattoo will give more improvement in less time. But, if you have a lighter tattoo, you can still dramatically reduce its appearance, it just might take a few more sessions!

If you’ve changed your mind about a tattoo or had a tattoo turn out badly, you might consider removal with PicoWay laser. Contact our office today for your consultation with Dr. Rocheford.

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Whether a new or returning patient, we have plenty of resources to either help you get started or learn more about the procedure process. From patient forms to blogs, we have all the resources you’ll need to prepare yourself for your appointment.

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