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FaceliftThere are many skin creams and treatments out there that promise the ultimate experience in facial rejuvenation – but sometimes, it’s just not enough.  This is especially true when you get older, as your facial muscles begin to sag and you lose important fat in your cheeks.  It may sound depressing, but it’s a normal part of aging – and it’s something that can only be corrected by a board-certified plastic surgeon.

 If you’re interested in facial rejuvenation, it’s time to schedule a consultation with Dr. Heather Rocheford at her plastic surgery practice in Woodbury, MN (also serving Minneapolis and St. Paul).  As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Rocheford can suggest a few alternatives to restoring your facial features and eliminating your biggest woes (including sagging cheeks and jowls, drooping eyes, and tired-looking skin).

So just what are these solutions?  Take a look:

  • Traditional Facelift: A facelift surgery (also known as a rhytidectomy) is designed to help correct a number of aging issues within one procedure. During the traditional facelift, Dr. Rocheford will make incisions behind the ears and around the hairline, which gives her access to the muscles underneath the facial skin.  Rocheford then pulls the muscles taut and repositions any sagging facial muscles, which creates a more streamlined and youthful look.  She then stitches the skin back in place, and trims any excess skin resulting from the surgery.

The traditional facelift is ideal for patients who need extensive facial correction.  This facelift can also be supplemented with facial fillers after the recovery period (about six to eight weeks).

  • Mini Facelift: If you don’t need extensive work done or you’d just like a little refreshing, a mini facelift might be just right for you. The mini facelift can corrected smaller areas of the face, like your chin, cheeks, or neck.  A mini facelift requires Dr. Rocheford to make a smaller incision in the treatment area, which allows her to readjust the muscles for a tighter appearance.  It’s important for the patient to know which area he or she would like to treat, as the mini facelift is highly targeted.

If you’re interested in facial rejuvenation via these facelift procedures, schedule a consultation with Dr. Rocheford at her plastic surgery practice in Woodbury, MN (also serving Minneapolis and St. Paul) today by calling 651-739-1100

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