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For many women, a tummy tuck – otherwise known as an abdominoplastycan help streamline the appearance of the stomach post-baby.  During pregnancy, the abdominal walls stretched apart to accommodate a woman’s growing belly.  Post-pregnancy, many women have difficulties getting back to that flat pre-baby stomach, since the abdominal walls do not reliably shrink back to their previous shape.

Enter the abdominoplasty.  This procedure can help repair damaged abdominal walls by tightening them, as well as trimming down any excess skin.  For many women, a full abdominoplasty can provide them with the stomach that they had before they became pregnant.

For some women, however, a full abdominoplasty isn’t always needed.  Instead, these patients can benefit from a mini-tummy tuck, which is a type of abdominoplasty that only addresses lower abdominal fat.  Patients who have significant lower abdominal fatty deposits and loose skin are the best candidates for this procedure.

At Rocheford Plastic Surgery in Woodbury, MN – also serving the greater St. Paul/Minneapolis metro area – board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Heather Rocheford specializes in the mini-tummy tuck.  The mini-tummy tuck procedure takes approximately two to two and a half hours to complete, which is an ideal option for patients who have a busy schedule.  Patients only need to take one week off to recover from the procedure; however, these patients will need to refrain from exercise for three to four weeks.

Patients will also need to wear a compression garment for at least six weeks in order to see ideal results.

Interested in getting your pre-baby body back? Then it’s time to schedule a consultation with Dr. Rocheford at Rocheford Plastic Surgery in Woodbury, MN.  Rocheford Plastic Surgery serves the greater St. Paul/Minneapolis metro areas.  Call 651-739-1100 today!

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