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The holiday season has officially arrived – and that means pulling out your best cocktail dress, putting on your best pair of heels, and welcoming the festivities with a smile.  But if you suffer from spider veins, you might feel less than thrilled about the prospect of wearing dresses with shorter hemlines.  In fact, you’re secretly hoping that long skirts and capes end up making a comeback.

Don’t just hide your legs in an effort to conceal your spider veins – instead, get to the root of the problem with spider vein removal treatments by Heather Rocheford, MD at Rocheford Plastic Surgery, located in Woodbury Minnesota (also serving the greater St. Paul/Minneapolis areas). 

Laser Spider Vein Removal at Rocheford Plastic Surgery

Dr. Rocheford utilizes a simple laser treatment to help minimize the appearance of spider veins in common problem areas, including the legs and face.  By using laser treatments, Dr. Rocheford can ensure that the treatment is done smoothly and without any pain or discomfort.

Spider veins are caused by damaged blood vessels, which prevents oxygenated blood from passing through the vein.  When this occurs, the vein becomes blue, purple, or even a dark red, which is sometimes visible through the skin.  The laser treatment works by permeating the skin and targeting the damaged vein with heat, which causes the appearance of scar tissue.

Once this tissue is formed, the vein closes up altogether, which prevents the blood from flowing through the vein.  This slowly decreases the coloring and appearance of spider veins until the body eventually absorbs the vein.  This process usually takes a year to complete.

What To Expect

The treatment process is relatively pain-free; most clients only experience temporary minor swelling in the treatment area, as well as some redness.  This usually subsides within 24 hours after the treatment.

Clients should be prepared to undergo one to three treatments, with a frequency of six to eight weeks.  The cost per treatment ranges based on the body area.  Dr. Rocheford’s treatment ranges $150 to $300 per treatment.

For more information about Dr. Rocheford’s spider vein treatment or to schedule a consultation, visit Rocheford Plastic Surgery in Woodbury, Minnesota.  Rocheford Plastic Surgery services the greater St. Paul/Minneapolis metro areas. 651-739-1100

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