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Once the beautiful weather hits, it’s hard to avoid time out in the sun. While a little sunshine is good for the body, protecting your skin while out in the sun is your best anti-aging tool. With overexposure, the sun’s rays penetrate the deep layer of the skin and weaken elastin, eventually causing visible signs of aging. The following are a few things you can do to avoid looking older by the fall.

SPF Everyday

Usually, the first question we get after instructing patients to wear sunscreen every day is, “Even if I’m not at the beach?” Regardless if you’re in a bathing suit or business suit, you will come in contact with the sun at some point during the day. Even in short spurts, this exposure adds up and you will damage your skin over time without the use of sunscreen. Here at Rocheford Plastic Surgery, we offer Nia24® skincare, which promotes skin repair and protection. The Nia24® product line includes a few sunscreen options that are sure to suit your skincare needs.

Repair & Protect

The Nia24® skincare line contains niacin which helps repair the skin from damage, while also helping the skin rebuild its protective barrier. Niacin aids the skin in both of these processes. Having a strong barrier is the best way to aid the skin in protecting itself from the sun. This also helps reduce the depth the UV rays can reach. Niacin also promotes DNA repair which aids in the generation of healthier skin cells in the epidermis. This, in turn, will help reduce the visible signs of damage using the skin’s own repair processes.

Cover Up

There are many ways that you can cover up the body to protect it from the sun. Wearing light layers during the summer can help you protect your skin without getting too hot. You should also keep sunglasses close when the sun is out to protect the delicate skin around the eyes. Lastly, hats are another great addition to your sun protection, protecting the scalp, face, and ears.

If you are interested in learning more about sun protection and how to treat sun damage give us a call today!  For more information, visit our blog page.

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