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You wouldn’t give back your years of laughter, family, and fun for anything in the world – but you would give back the sagging skin you’ve developed over the years.

Unfortunately, as we get older, the skin’s natural collagen and elastin levels break down, which causes skin to lose firmness and elasticity.  Over time, facial skin can begin to sag, resulting in a loss of the contouring, tightness, and volume that make up truly youthful-looking skin.

Traditionally, facelifts have been used to tighten the skin by pulling facial muscles taut; any excess skin is trimmed off.  While it’s not possible to re-create these results through any non-surgical means, there are non-invasive procedures that can help tighten skin and boost collagen production…

And you’ll find them all at Rocheford Plastic Surgery in Woodbury, MN.

Founded by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Heather Rocheford, Rocheford Plastic Surgery is pleased to offer a range of treatments that can mimic the results of a traditional facelift.  The end result is smoother, wrinkle-free skin that looks years younger – without requiring invasive surgery.

Take a look at what’s available at Rocheford Plastic Surgery now:

  • SkinPen: This innovative treatment uses the power of microneedling to help kick-start the skin’s collagen production. The SkinPen is a handheld device that creates small punctures in the skin (don’t worry, it’s not painful).  When these micro-wounds are created, the skin immediately goes to work healing it.  That means more collagen – and younger-looking skin!
  • Juvederm Voluma XC: The most natural-looking youthful faces have volume around the cheeks – volume which is lost during the aging process.  Juvederm Voluma XC is a special hyaluronic acid filler which creates instant volume in the injection area, leading to subtle yet youth-enhancing cheeks.
  • Radiesse: Of course, you can’t achieve similar results to the facelift without a wrinkle removal procedure.  Radiesse is an FDA-approved filler that can be used to smooth away wrinkles, especially those around the lips and corners of the mouth.  Results can last anywhere from 12 to 18 months.
  • Laser Skin Resurfacing: Clients looking for smoother skin that’s free of blemishes and scars will want to undergo laser skin resurfacing.  This procedure heats up the dermis, resulting in accelerated collagen and elastin production.  The laser heat also encourages faster cellular turnover, revealing beautiful new facial skin.

These procedures can be experienced together for the ultimate facial rejuvenation, or on their own for quick enhancement. Results are not permanent; however, clients can expect to see results last between one to two years.

To learn more about Dr. Rocheford’s non-surgical “facelift,” schedule a consultation at her practice in Woodbury, MN today. Call 651-739-1100 to connect with Rocheford Plastic Surgery serves the greater St. Paul-Minneapolis metro areas.

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