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So you’ve started researching ways to reduce wrinkles and lift your face to look like a brighter, younger version of yourself. However, it’s difficult to know which one is right for you. We are going to talk about the differences between Botox and Dysport so that you know which one to choose at your next appointment.

What Are Botox and Dysport?

They are both injections that reduce repetitive muscle movements that cause fine lines and wrinkles. By calming these muscle groups, wrinkles are reduced in appearance causing you to look younger. The active ingredient in both of them is type A-botulinum toxin. For all of their similarities, they do work differently based on the concentration of proteins in the product. These proteins can affect how quickly the product acts and the effect it has on the skin and underlying muscle.

What Is Botox Best For?

Botox excels at reducing fine lines caused by muscle movement on the forehead, crow’s feet and glabellar lines. Glabellar lines occur in between the eyebrows and are especially prominent when frowning. Once Botox is injected it stays in place close to the injection site making it very useful for pinpoint locations like around the eyes. Botox takes up to two weeks to start working and can last for three to six months. The results may last longer in some patients.

What Is Dysport Best For?

Dysport is especially effective at treating glabellar lines in between the eyebrows. It may require more units of product compared to Botox but is highly effective for this purpose. Dysport spreads out once injected, affecting a larger area which can make it useful on a larger area like the forehead. Dysport starts working immediately and is approved to last for four months but may last up to six months.

What Else Are They Used For?

Both Botox and Dysport are FDA approved for cosmetic use but also for many other conditions related to overactive muscle movement. They are certified to treat chronic migraine, bladder dysfunction, urinary incontinence, cervical dystonia, and strabismus among others.

What Can’t They Do?

Neither Botox or Dysport are effective at treating wrinkles that are caused by collagen breakdowns such as on the lips or cheeks. These are best remedied by using a filler that plumps the skin making it look fuller to reduce wrinkles. Dr. Rocheford is a board-certified plastic surgeon in the Minneapolis-St. Paul region with over twenty years of experience helping people to create the best image of themselves. She is a highly empathetic doctor and seeks to make her clinic a comfortable place so that her patients can live their best lives long after they leave her office. She focuses on individual, one-on-one treatment and communication that is open as if you were talking to a family member. She strives to listen to her patients and offer the best products available so that they can achieve their goals.

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