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Are you sick of forehead wrinkles encroaching on your space?  Want to erase the appearance of constantly furrowed brows – even when you’re smiling and content?

If you’re ready to declare a war against forehead wrinkles, drooping eyebrows, and other lovely signs of aging, you might be confused about all the treatments out there from which to choose.  From Botox injections to brow lifts – and everything in between! – it seems as though there’s a bevy of treatments promising to lift and smooth your forehead region.

But when it comes down to it, which treatment is right for what you need: Botox or a brow lift?

The Case For Botox

For men and women with moderate wrinkles and creases on the forehead region, Botox presents a viable alternative to surgical solutions.  Botox contains a purified protein that stops muscles from creating wrinkles for three to five months.  While regular Botox injections will be needed to maintain these results, Botox does help prevent the formation of new wrinkles over the long term.

Botox has also been used to treat migraine headaches and even excessive sweating; however, Botox isn’t as effective at improving the appearance of drooping brows like a surgical brow lift.

When a Brow Lift Is Needed

Men and women who have moderate-to-severe forehead wrinkles – as well as drooping eyebrows and frown lines between the eyebrows – may see better results with a surgical brow lift.

This procedure is designed to correct sagging skin around the forehead and upper eyes, thus improving the appearance of the above aging symptoms.  Results typically last anywhere from seven to ten years, making the brow lift a great option for men and women who want dramatic results over the long term.

Before signing up for a brow lift, keep in mind that results aren’t permanent; therefore, you may eventually need Botox injections to refresh and maintain your brow lift results.

Botox and Brow Lifts at Rocheford Plastic Surgery

For more information about which treatment is right for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Rocheford at Rocheford Plastic Surgery in Woodbury, MN.  Rocheford Plastic Surgery serves the greater St. Paul/Minneapolis areas. Call 651-739-1100 today!

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