New Measurement Tool Can Help in Breast Augmentation, Plastic Surgeon Says

Woodbury, Minnesota (July 2013) — A reliable, non-invasive tool measuring breast volume that was the subject of a recent study provides plastic surgeons who perform cosmetic and reconstructive breast procedures an innovative method to replace less accurate measurements, said Dr. Heather Rocheford ( a plastic surgery specialist in Minneapolis.

The study in the July issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery® concludes that the BREAST-V® measurement tool reliably predicts small to large breast volumes accurately and can be used to complement a surgeon’s evaluation of patients.

“BREAST-V accurately calculates breast volume and can replace less predictable measurement tools such as cup size that patients use when discussing breast augmentation with plastic surgeons in Minneapolis and elsewhere,” Dr. Rocheford says.

She says cup size is an unreliable way to measure breast volume. Even though 2 different bras may both say the same size, one may fit and the other may not.

“Any woman who has shopped for bras,” says Rocheford, “knows that all C-cups are not created equal.”

An accurate measurement is a crucial part of breast augmentation surgery, Rocheford says. How big your breasts will be after augmentation or reconstructive surgery depends on a number of factors, including:

  • How big your chest is now
  • How much breast tissue you have naturally
  • What size implant you choose

An accurate, predictable measurement of breast volume enhances preoperative planning of both cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery, Rocheford says. Though often used, cup sizes ranging from AA to D and beyond comprise an unreliable measure of volume, as a C-cup may vary from 200 cc to 900 cc. Silicone and saline implants are generally measured in cubic centimeters (cc).

Rocheford also notes that a free BREAST-V mobile application for both Apple and Android devices is available to download. Three measurements are entered and then breast volume is calculated in cc and grams.

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