A breast augmentation does not lift the breasts, it makes them larger. This often appears to have lifted the breast, because the areolar complex is projecting out further with more visible breast tissue below it. If you are concerned about breast droop, you may need a breast lift instead of a breast enlargement. If you are happy with your breast size in an unpadded bra, but are unhappy with your breast appearance without a bra, then you are a better candidate for a breast lift or mastopexy procedure. If you have droop and would also like to be bigger, then you may be a candidate for a breast lift and augmentation. During your consultation, your breast measurements will be taken and this information, along with your individual concerns about your breast appearance will be used to determine what procedure fits your needs the best. Be wary of recommendations to place a larger implant than you are comfortable with for the “lift” it will give you. You will feel too large following surgery and will not have the lift you wanted.

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