This is a very personal decision. It is difficult to look at breast pictures on the Internet and find the person that “looks just like you”. The best thing to do is try on implants in the office and see what you feel comfortable with. When trying on implants, it is important to bring several items of clothing so you can see what you look like in different styles, necklines, suit jackets and even swim suits. Most patients are concerned about going too big, and then say after surgery “I wish I had gone bigger”. I will help guide you in choosing your implant size based on your chest measurements and goals.

While bra size cannot be guaranteed due to manufacturing inconsistencies between brands, I will help you determine what size you will most likely be following surgery. This is important, because you want to be able to buy pretty bras after surgery! If you choose a size that is not common, it may be difficult to find a bra that fits you well following surgery – that is a frustration you don’t need after you have treated yourself to this procedure.

During the office visit, it is best to try on several sizes, even ones that you feel are too large, to determine your upper limit. Then you will not second guess yourself after the surgery about size! Ultimately, it is your decision and it is critical that you feel comfortable with your selection.

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