Implants can be placed below the pectoralis muscle or above the muscle. This is a decision that I will discuss with you and we will decide together what the best position is given your anatomy and goals.

  • diagram-breast-augmentation-2-tn

    Implant Below the Muscle

  • diagram-breast-augmentation-3-tn

    Implant Above the Muscle

My goal is to give you the most natural appearing result that meets your size goals. In thin patients without much breast tissue to cover the implant, placing the implant under the muscle gives an additional layer of soft tissue coverage resulting in a natural appearance. Patients that have more droop or constricted lower breasts may be better candidates for placing the implants on top of the muscle.

There is a slightly lower risk of capsular contracture (hardening of the breasts) if the implants are placed below the muscle. Implants below the muscle will also have more motion with muscular contraction of the pectoralis (chest muscle).

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